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Take your t-shirts to the next level. Explore our full line of specialty & finishing services.

Tag Printing

Water-based ink lends itself quite well to custom screen printed tags. Since our inks are virtually unnoticeable to the touch, you’ll never feel the print scratching at your neck.

Sewn Hem Tags

Relabeling or adding an accent with woven tags is a common custom approach that is very appealing. Sewing a hem tag on the bottom seam or the sleeve of the shirt is a great approach to further developing your brand.

Hang Tags

Ready to make your apparel pro? Consider having us attach your hang tags on your shirt. Personalized hang tags will enhance your brand while keeping that custom appeal.

Typically, t-shirt hang tags are used to display important information such as sizing.

Button Wording

Extra customization for you. Brand name on the shirt button is a great approach to further developing your brand.


Another great way to brand your shirts with custom clothing labels is by having your own neck label.

In addition to the comfort, custom screen printed tags are a great way to set yourself apart from your competition. Not everyone goes the extra mile to make their products unique, but we encourage you to!


Make sure your shirt flexible and fit.


To package your amazing shirt.
From small product boxes to durable collective packaging as you need.