Unique Selling Point

Only design limitation of sublimation is your imagination!

No-feel / touch imprints on the shirt (smooth and no plastic/sticker-like prints on the shirt)

Colors and imprints are vibrant & fantastic

The imprints are long-lasting and will not fade easily (the ink has been imprinted onto the fabric itself)

The New Revolution of


Shirt For Sublimation

Sublimation Shirt Printing is a result from evolving printing technology that enables highly-detailed prints to be transformed into apparels! Unlike other printing technique, sublimation printing uses inks that when heated to a high temperature, it changes to a gas and absorbed directly into the fabric to produce a fantastic soft-to-the-hand feel!

Full-colored, all-over prints are made possible by Sublimation Printing and it is not limited by the printing colors, sizes or even the seams. Stretch your design imagination and make your unique custom shirts!

Shirt For Sublimation